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Update and refunds (Added June 18, 2020)

Dear Member,

I am writing to you to update you on the the Theatre Club and I hope this letter finds you well, and in the absence of live theatre you’ve been able to enjoy some of the live streamings on You Tube etc.

This is the time of year when I would normally be preparing to send out the latest Theatregoers newsletter along with the Autumn programme, but sadly, I am not in a position to be able to do this. In today’s paper Cameron Mackintosh has cancelled West End shows until 2021! The provincial theatres such as Bolton, Leeds Grand and The Lowry have been cancelling and postponing shows! The theatre industry has been devastated by the pandemic. So, as you can imagine, I’m really not sure what the long term future is for our group. Below, I have set out what to expect for the rest of this year in terms of the future of the club.

Firstly though, here’s an update on refunds:
Refunds As you know, all theatre trips ceased towards the end of March. I have now refunded everyone, by bank transfer, for trips booked up to the end of May. There are two trips this month, one was the 17th June and the other the 24th June, which are both at the Lowry. I have not yet been refunded by The Lowry for these trips. I have checked on their website and they state that they are processing refunds strictly in date order and that any refund is most likely to be after the scheduled date of the performance. As such, please can I ask you to bear with me on this. Anyone who had booked for the 17th June only, will receive their refund when it comes in. If you have booked for the 17th and the 24th June, I will process the refund when both refunds have come in, (in one transaction for ease of administration).

The rest of 2020:

Autumn: I had provisionally booked a few trips for Autumn. Two were at the newly refurbished Bolton Octagon, however, they’ve cancelled the September one and postponed the October one until next year. There were also three others that I had booked that I’d mentioned in the last newsletter, but due to the uncertainty regarding the reopening of theatres, I have decided not to go ahead with these bookings. In addition to this, even if theatres did reopen I’m not sure how many members would be keen to book - given that most fall into the vulnerable category due to age. I have therefore taken the decision not to have an Autumn programme. No subscriptions required: Usually subscriptions are requested in the June Newsletter, which are due in the September. I am not requesting subscriptions this year for 2020/21 .

Going forward: With this year a write off for us, Huddersfield Theatre Club is currently dormant. As a cost saving, I have decided not to keep up the theatre club website long term, although it will still be online until the end of the year. Also at the end of the year the theatre club email address will not work, so it would be helpful for you to update your address book now, the email address is (which is one I sometimes use anyway), and not

Will the Theatre Club carry on? This is a very difficult question. We are currently down to 98 members on the books, and with the Theatre Club forced into dormancy, I am not sure how it will continue next year. I have been considering how we can operate, as I know many of you love going to theatres outside of Huddersfield, and coming with the Theatre Club is the only way you can get to do this. One thought is that rather than sending out a formal newsletter and booking form, I could organise ad hoc trips and use email to generate interest, and get people to sign up on a first come first served basis. If you have an email address please send it to me. If it’s not possible for you to set up an email address, I could either text you, or post the information. If you have a mobile number please can you provide it. (I want to keep costs down so email and text is preferable and I only want to post to those who do not have any other option). I would not ask for a subscription, which would mean that trips would only run if they were financially viable. Over the coming months the future of theatre may become clearer, and once it is, I will be in a position to contact you again with the possibility of being able to enjoy some live theatre.

In the mean time, best wishes.

Update (Added April 17, 2020)

Dear Members,

The three shows in April and May have been refunded to me by the theatres and I have processed nearly all the refunds. I'm just waiting for a couple of people to give me their bank details and then I'll be done.

TheLowry havs not been in touch re the two shows in June yet so we'll have to wait and see.

I would normally send out the next Newsletter for the autumn programme in June, but already some of the shows I've provisionally booked for September and October have been either cancelled or postponed until next year. As such we'll just have to wait and see.

Stay safe

Best wishes


Update (Added March 22, 2020)

Dear Member,

The trips on the 15th April and 12th May have definitely been cancelled. Leeds Grand is closed until further notice so it is highly likely the trip on the 28th April to The Book of Mormon will be cancelled. I've emailed everyone who has bookings. Those members who don't have email addresses will be contacted in due course.

Keep safe and Best wishes


Government Advice on Corona Virus (Added March 17, 2020)

Dear Member,

Re: Corona Virus Government Announcement

Following government advice for the public to avoid any unnecessary social contact due to COVID 19, and advising people not to go to pubs, restaurants and theatres etc, you may be unsure as to what is happening with the Theatre Club.

I have looked on the websites of the theatres we have bookings with over the coming months. Some are yet to post any information, Derby Theatre, Leeds Playhouse and Buxton. Nottingham Theatre Royal management have said they are meeting today to discuss their position, Leeds Grand Theatre has announced it is closing indefinitely, and The Lowry has announced that they are closing their doors until the 31st March.

Advice is constantly changing, and I will be keeping up to date with the latest information from all the theatres.

May to August Programme
Firstly, I have decided to completely cancel the May to August programme. I had cancelled War of the Worlds due to insufficient bookings, and I had delayed payment with Buxton Operal House for HMS Pinafore, which was originally the 10th March, and have not yet paid, so I have not paid the theatre for any of the trips on this programme so I feel cancelling is the most sensible option in the current circumstances. Also, I have not paid any member’s cheques into the bank for this programme, so this is straightforward, I will shred all cheques received.

January to June Programme
With regards to the January to June Programme, all theatres have been paid. As such, we are going to have to wait and see what happens nearer the time of each individual trip. Where theatres are closed, they will be obliged to issue refunds. Once a theatre has refunded, I will then be able to issue refunds to members.

Leeds Grand and The Lowry have stated that they will be in touch regarding the options available for refunds or transfers to other performances, but will prioritise the performances closest to today, then be in touch with customers who have tickets booked to future shows - as the length of closure becomes clearer.

Future of Huddersfield Theatregoers Club
The next Newsletter would normally be in June. We’ll just have to wait and see what is happening around that time to assess whether an autumn programme is feasible.

Best wishes


Summer Programme (Added February 15, 2020)

Dear Member,
I've updated the website today, Saturday 15th February, to include the new summer programme. The Newsletter will be posted out on Monday 17th February, and emailed out on the same day.
Happy Theatregoing!

November Newsletter (Added November 13, 2019)

Dear Member,

The Newsletter with the programme from January 2020 was posted out second class on Wednesday 13th November.

The King and I (Added October 23, 2019)

Dear Members,

The next trip is The King and I. If you are booked on this trip, but are unable to go then please do contact me as I have a few people on the waiting list.
Many Thanks

Autumn Programme (Added June 24, 2019)

Dear Member,
The Newsletter for the Autumn Programme was posted out on Wednesday 19th June, so hopefully you should have received it by now.
Happy Theatregoing.

February Newsletter (Added February 7, 2019)

Dear Member,

The February Newsletter with the new programme from May to July has been posted out second class this morning. Look out for it!

Newsletter (Added November 16, 2018)

The November Newsletter was posted out second class today. It will also be emailed out over the weekend, and the website will be updated with the new shows over the next few days.

Newsletter (Added November 9, 2018)

The November Newsletter will be going out next weekend (17th November). I am just waiting for Manchester Royal Exchange to open their group bookings, which is the 14th November, so that I can book West Side Story.

Two Spare tickets (Added October 16, 2018)

I have 2 spare tickets for the day trip to The Halle Opus Wednesday at the Bridgewater Hall tomorrow, coach departs at 9.30am. Ring me on 07952003238 if you are interested.

Happy Autumn (Added September 13, 2018)

Dear Theatregoers, I hope you've had a lovely summer. Our autumn programme will soon be commencing, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. If you haven't yet booked, or would like additional tickets for friends or family then do give me a call, as there are seats available on most trips apart from The Merry Widow and The Habit of Art.

Happy Theatregoing

Booking Update (Added July 3, 2018)

Thank you for your bookings. Just a note to let you know that all the trips are viable, and I will start to send out confirmations next week.

Autumn Programme (Added June 15, 2018)

Dear Member,
The Autumn Newsletter and programme has been posted out second class today.

Privacy Policy (Added April 20, 2018)

Dear Member,

Data regulations are changing on 25 May 2018, which means Huddersfield Theatregoers Club’s terms need to change too. This means I need to provide you with more information about how your data is collected, stored and used.
In order for you to be able to be included on the Theatregoers Club mailing list, to receive Club Newsletters etc, I need to store some of your basic information. The Privacy Policy page has been amended to comply with the new regulations.

Spring/SummerProgramme (Added February 14, 2018)

The Newsletter for the Spring/Summer Season was posted out second class today. Look out for it!

Update (Added November 22, 2017)

Dear Member, All the booking confirmations were sent out yesterday. I have added an extra component to the Leighton Hall trip. One member asked if we could visit Carnforth Station en route home. As this is the setting for the 1945 David Lean film, 'Brief Encounter', and we are going to see the play at The Lowry in February, I thought it would be a good thing to add on. There is a visitor centre and 'Brief Encounter Tea Room'


New Programme (Added November 7, 2017)

The Newsletter and Booking form for the new year has been posted out second class today.

Booking Update (Added August 25, 2017)

Some trips are now full. The outings page has been updated with current availability.

Extended book by dates (Added July 20, 2017)

Dear Member,
I've managed to extend the book by dates of the trips where the booking date has passed. There is still plenty of availability on all trips.

Newsletter, Autumn Programme (Added July 11, 2017)

The Newsletter with the Autumn Programme has been posted out second class today.


Newsletter (Added June 30, 2017)

My printer has broken and I'm awaiting delivery of a new one. As such the Newsletter will be delayed. Hopefully It will be out either the end of next week or the following week.

Newsletter (Added June 12, 2017)

The next Newsletter will be out around the end of June.


Evita (Added May 4, 2017)


If you have a ticket for Evita, but cannot go, then do get in touch as I have a waiting list.


Availability (Added April 26, 2017)

Dear Member,

There is still availability on all shows except A Judgement In Stone.

Newsletter (Added February 28, 2017)

Dear Member,
The latest Newsletter has been posted out today by second class post, and will be emailed out in the next 24 hours.

Update (Added February 2, 2017)

Hope you're having a good start to the New Year. I've just updated the outings page regarding availability, so you'll see there are limited places available on some trips.


Merry Christmas (Added December 16, 2016)

We had the last trip of this season on the 15th December to Sheffield to see Annie Get Your Gun, which was a fabulous production. Everyone enjoyed the show and a spot of Christmas shopping. The first trip of next season is at the beginning of March.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Booking Update (Added December 8, 2016)

Unfortunately, I've had to cancel Casanova due to insufficient bookings. Currently there is still availability on everything else. There are two coaches for The Play That Goes Wrong, so not too late to book for this very popular comedy.

All Booking confirmations were sent out on Thursday 8th December.


Tonight's visit to Manchester Royal Exchange (Added December 6, 2016)

I'm hoping to be able to set off at 5.45pm this evening instead of 6pm, due to possible traffic problems because of football traffic in Manchester. I've texted/phoned everyone with the message.

The Red Shoes, The Lowry, Wed 30th Nov (Added November 29, 2016)

I have one spare ticket for The Red Shoes, tomorrow, Wed 30th November at the Lowry. If you are interested then please ring me on 07952003238.

Newsletter (Added November 21, 2016)

The Newsletter was sent out on Friday the 18th November, via second class post. The website will be updated shortly and the Newsletter will also be emailed out shortly.

November Newsletter (Added October 28, 2016)

The November Newsletter will be out around the middle of November. It will be announced here once it has been posted out.

Booking Update (Added July 12, 2016)

The Red Shoes is on the cusp of a second coach. I have extended the book by date to the 22nd July so if you wish to book for this then please do so asap. I hope that a second coach will be viable. Still availability on all other trips.


Autumn Newsletter (Added June 27, 2016)

The Newsletter for the Autumn programme will be posted out on Tuesday 28th June. I am enclosing information about a charity lunch I am organising, along with two friends, to raise funds for Kirkwood Hospice. I do hope you will come along!


Autumn Programme (Added May 31, 2016)

I am just finalising the autumn programme. I am waiting for a couple of theatres to release details of their forthcoming season.

I anticipate the Newsletter will be out around the end of June.


Thornhill Road (Added March 30, 2016)

Thornhill Road now open, all back to normal with our pick up.

February Newsletter (Added February 11, 2016)

The February Newsletter will be posted out second class on Monday 15th February.

Booking Update (Added January 21, 2016)

There is still plenty of availability on all shows except Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis, Single Spies and Arley Hall, which are fully booked and waiting list only.


Newsletter (Added November 20, 2015)

The Newsletter was posted out second class on the 19th November.

Newsletter (Added November 18, 2015)

The Newsletter will be out at the end of this week.

Newsletter (Added November 1, 2015)

Dear Members, The next newsletter will be out around the middle of November. Just to whet your appetites here is a selection of what I have booked :

Cats on Saturday 13th February (matinee performance) at Manchester Palace Theatre. Blood Brothers on the 30th March, Leeds Grand. Alan Bennett's Single Spies on the 12th April, at Leeds Grand.

We also have Billy Elliott on the 24th May at Bradford Alhambra.

Save the dates!


The Girls (Added July 23, 2015)


The Girls
This is proving very popular. I now have enough bookings for a second coach. So now plenty of spaces if anyone hasn't already booked, or would like additional tickets.


Update (Added July 21, 2015)

Dear Members, Thank you for all your bookings.

The booking confirmations have been posted out today. Apologies for the delay. I have been away on holiday and so there were a lot of bookings to get through. Then, I was delaying sending confirmations as there were three trips where the bookings were very low, so it was difficult to predict whether they would be viable. I have now made the decision to cancel those three, which are Hero's Welcome, Scarborough, The Crucible and Pomona Manchester Royal Exchange.

I think on this programme I probably had too much choice! We still have 11 trips for the autumn. I think in future I will limit each programme to about 10 or 11 trips to hopefully avoid having to cancel any.

The outings page has been updated to show availability in case you have not already booked. At this stage it is advisable to give me a ring before booking, but I will keep the website up to date.


Newsletter (Added June 16, 2015)

The next Newsletter will be posted out at the end of this month.
The outings page has already been updated with the new autumn programme for your perusal.

Charity Lunches (Added April 13, 2015)

Dear Member,

I’ve been approached by a committee member of the Friends of Forget Me Not , (who raise funds for The Children’s Hospice based in Huddersfield), to ask if I would organise some tables for the following charity lunches:-

Tuesday 28 April at 12:00pm. Holiday Inn, Brighouse.
YORKSHIRE LUNCH with the stars of Educating Yorkshire (2 courses).
Enjoy lunch with the stars of Educating Yorkshire following on from last years documentary following the day to day life at a school in Dewsbury.

Mr Mitchell, Mr Burton and Mr Steen will be sharing their experiences of their time in front of the TV cameras.

Tickets £15.

( This is the same day we have a theatre trip in the evening to see Jersey Boys)

Thursday June 18th, Holiday inn, Brighouse
"A Royal Ascot" ladies day.
Tickets are £35 to include lunch, afternoon tea, and a fun filled afternoon.

If you are interested in either of these events please contact me, either by email,, or telephone me on 531232, to and let me know how many places you would like. You can organise a whole table if you like, or just one or two places.

It would be lovely if we could get a few tables together.

(No transport will be arranged, so you would have to make your own way to the venue).

Newspaper Article (Added April 2, 2015)

There is large double page spread about Huddersfield Theatregoers Club in The Huddersfield Examiner today!

Newsletter (Added February 18, 2015)

The Newsletter will be posted out on the 19th February. Electronic versions will also go out on this day.

New pick up point (Added February 11, 2015)

Just a little reminder that we will be using the new pick up point for the the first time, which is the top of Hungerford Road. Please ensure your guests are aware of the new pick up point.

Happy New Year (Added January 7, 2015)

Happy New Year to all theatregoers. I hope you've had an enjoyable festive period!
We have the first trip of 2015 on the 8th January to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time at The Lowry theatre.
Just a little reminder that we will be using the new pick up point for the the first time, which is the top of Hungerford Road.
Please ensure your guests are aware of the new pick up point.
Best wishes

November Newsletter (Added November 17, 2014)

The November newsletter with the programme from January to May 2015 was posted out second class today. Look out for it in the post. The Newsletter will be emailed out at the weekend. The website will be updated with the new programme early next week.


Next Newsletter (Added November 5, 2014)

The next Newsletter will be out around the middle of November. I will let you know when it has been posted.

Reviews (Added July 21, 2014)

Thank you for all your member reviews, particularly Dorothy Howroyd who, very kindly, writes frequently. Christine

Booking Update (Added July 10, 2014)

See the events page for availability. Where there are spaces, non members are welcome.

Booking Confirmations (Added July 9, 2014)

The last of the booking confirmations were posted out yesterday! Look out for it in the post!


Booking Confirmations (Added July 7, 2014)

Thank you for all your bookings. I am working hard this week to send out all the confirmations.

There are a few trips where the book by/pay by date has passed. If you would like to book for any of these I am still taking bookings.The bookings for the trip to see The Little Shop of Horrors are a bit slim, but as the pay by date is October I am hoping we can get a few more to make it viable. If you want to invite friends, family who are not members you are very welcome to do so for this trip.
We are now into two coaches for 'Jeeves and Wooster' and' Anything Goes' so again non members are welcome to fill up the spaces.

Newsletter (Added June 19, 2014)

The Newsletter for Autumn 2014 has been posted out second class today. The website will be updated in the next few days. In addition, those members on email will also receive a copy of the Newsletter electronically in the next couple of days.

Thornhill Road (Added May 8, 2014)

Thornhill Road is now open and so we will be back to our usual pick up point.

There are works being carried out at the Ainley Top roundabout, and it will be closed from 8.00pm to 6.00am for the next few weeks. So when we are returning from Leeds we may have to use Junction 25.


Please remember if you have booked for Enjoy - it is on the 19th May.

Pick Up point (Added April 29, 2014)

We are still using the bottom of Hungerford Road as the pick up point, until Thornhill Road reopens.

Coach pick up point (Added March 25, 2014)

Currently there are roadworks on Thornhill road and it is closed from the Halifax Road end to Occupation Road. The work was meant to have finished by the 3rd of March, but unfortunately the road is still closed.

We have been using the bottom of Hungerford Road as the pick up point.

If it is still not open for our next trip on the 11th March, then the coach pick up point will be the bottom of Hungerford Road.

Cirque Berserk (Added December 17, 2013)

Due to a cancellation there are 2 tickets available for Cirque Berserk at The Lowry on Thursday 23rd January. Please contact me on 01484 531232 or 07952 003 238 if you are interested.

Happy Christmas (Added December 7, 2013)

Just had the Theatre Club Christmas Lunch in Chester this week which was a great success. The last trip of 2013.!! Everyone had a good day. I'd like to wish all members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. See you in January.

Best wishes


Newsletter (Added November 15, 2013)

The Newsletter has been posted out first class today. It has also ben emailed out The outings page has been updated with the new programme.

News Update (Added November 12, 2013)

The Next Newsletter will be out at the end of this week. I will update this post once it has been sent out.

Lion King

There are 2 tickets available for The Lion King on the 29th April 2014. Please contact me if you are interested. 01484 531232 or 07952 003 232

War Horse

There are three coaches for the trip to War Horse on the 21st November. Please allow space for three coaches to park. Thank you.

Update (Added October 17, 2013)

There were three coaches for the trip to see People on the 16th October, and everyone had a great time. The play was very funny and well done, the actors were brilliant.

Just one coach for Long Day's Journey into Night next week at Bolton Octagon. It's had some great reviews. The Guardian gave it 4 stars.

We have two coaches for Fiddler on the Roof the week after - again another good show to look forward to.

The next extremely popular trip is to War Horse on the 21st November where we have 3 coaches again, so please park allowing space for 3 coaches.

Thank you

People (Added October 10, 2013)


Due to a cancellation there are now 2 tickets available for this show on Wednesday 16th October. Please ring me on 01484 531232 or 07952003238 if you are interested.

Educating Rita, The Lowry (Added September 25, 2013)

4 spare tickets for Educating Rita on the 3rd October

Please telephone if you are interested, 01484 531232, or 07952 003238

Newsletter (Added June 18, 2013)

The Newsletter for the autumn programme will go out on the morning of the 18th June, second class. Look out for it in the post.

I am pleased to announce that we have The Lion King advertised in this programme for April next year at Bradford Alhambra.

Newsletter (Added February 18, 2013)

The Newsletter with the programme for the forthcoming season was posted out today second class. Look out for it in the post!

Sugar Daddies (Added February 17, 2013)

Due to a cancellation, there are two tickets available for Sugar Daddies at Oldham on the 12th March. See outings page for further details. Contact me on 01484 531232 or 07952003238 if you are interested.

Inspector Norse (Added January 24, 2013)

Inspector Norse - Oldham Coliseum

Due to a cancellation there are now two tickets available for this trip. Thursday 31st January, departure time 6.15pm.

See outings page for full details.
If you are interested then please contact Christine on 01484 531232
or 07952 003 238

Happy New Year (Added January 7, 2013)

The website has been updated to show availability. See the outings page.

Newsletter (Added November 16, 2012)

The Newsletter for the programme beginning in January was posted out second class this morning.

Newsletter (Added October 18, 2012)

The next Newsletter will be out around the second week in November. I am just waiting for a couple of theatres to produce their new programmes.

War Horse (Added October 2, 2012)

War Horse

Coming next year to The Lowry theatre, Salford.

I have reserved 100 seats for the 21st November 2013. So save the date!!

War Horse is a remarkable tale of courage, loyalty and friendship, and an unforgettable theatrical experience.

Filled with stirring music and some of the most innovative stagecraft of our time, at the heart of the show are life-sized puppets which bring breathing, galloping, charging horses to thrilling life on stage.

So exhilarating that it makes you rejoice to be alive.’ The Times * * * * *

‘A landmark theatre event.’ Time

Robert Robson, Artistic Director of The Lowry says “We’re delighted to be able to bring one of the most successful productions in British theatre history to The Lowry. It’s our ambition to inspire North West audiences with the best in performing and visual arts and War Horse will, without doubt, prove to be a theatre experience that we’ll remember forever. I’m certain it will capture the imagination of people of all ages when it arrives here in Salford next year.”

White Christmas (Added October 1, 2012)

White Christmas

The trip to White Christmas on the 5th December is actually a MATINEE performance and after writing to inform the members booked on this trip some are now unable to make it. As a reult I have some spare tickets for this show. Anyone who would like to book for the matinee or who requires additional tickets then please contact me as soon as possible. Tel 01484 531232 or 07952 003 328.

This spectacular stage musical of Bing Crosby’s classic 1954 movie is brimming with classic Irving Berlin hits like Blue Skies, How Deep is the Ocean?, Happy Holiday, Sisters and of course the unforgettable title song White Christmas.

Steven Houghton (Coronation Street, London's Burning) will play Bob Wallace, with Dallas star Ken Kercheval taking the role of General Waverly.

Two phenomenal actresses, Claire Sweeney and Wendi Peters, will take on the roles of Betty Haynes and Martha Watson.

The coaches will be departing at 11.30am, the show starts at 2.00pm. There will be enough time to have a bite to eat inone of the restaurants or cafes either in the theatre complex or next to the outlet mall. In addition you may have time to wander around the outlet mall, and you will be issued with discount vouchers for the retail outlets within the mall. (offering 10-15% off).

ATTENTION!! (Added September 28, 2012)


WHITE CHRISTMAS- 5th DEC at THE LOWRY Due to an error on my part, this trip was advertised as an evening trip. My sincere apologies, as our booking is the matinee performance!! I have sent out letters first class today to all members who have booked for this trip notifying them of the timing arrangements. My sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. Any member who is not able to come to the matinee will be refunded.

Parking (Added September 25, 2012)

Dear Member

We had a very busy trip last night to Cabaret - there were three coaches!! Thank you for your patience whilst handing out the tickets.

The pick up point was very congested last night, because of the three coaches. (Usually there are only one or two coaches and it is not so much of a problem). We had to park the coaches very close to the junction, which potentially is unsafe for other road users.

Please may I ask that when parking, you leave room for two coaches BELOW THE WHITE LINE.

Many Thanks

Castle Howard (Added September 17, 2012)

Castle Howard
The Christmas lunch is full,(The maximum number for which was 70. However, there is space on the coach if you would like a day out at Castle Howard without the group lunch. The cost for entrance to the house and transport is £26. There are restaurants/cafes where you can eat.
If you are interested then contact me on 01484 531232 or 07952 003 238

Chatsworth House (Added June 18, 2012)

Chatsworth House

Please ensure you have the correct date for Chatsworth Wednesday 11th July.

Unfortunately there was an error on the Newsletter and the incorrect date was put on. THE CORRECT DATE IS WEDNESDAY 11TH JULY IS ON YOUR BOOKING FORM. Many apologies

Starlight Express (Added June 11, 2012)

Starlight Express at the Lowry

Due to cancellations I have 6 tickets available for this trip. If you are interested please contact me on 01484 531232 or 07952 003 238.

Carousel (Added May 24, 2012)

Carousel, The LowryCarousel tonight, it should be a great show, it's had excellent reviews.

The next newsletter with the autumn programme will be out around the second week in June.
Coming up in the autumn is 'The Last Night of the Autumn Proms' at the Bridgewater Hall, on Saturday 17th November.
Also coming up is a special day trip to Castle Howard, incorporating a traditional 3 course christmas lunch, Tuesday 11th December.

Pencil these dates in your diary!!

Love's Labour's Lost (Added May 9, 2012)

Love's Labour's Lost

A great day was had in York, Northern Broadsides were brilliant... and the weather was fine!

Love's Labour's Lost (Added May 1, 2012)

Love's Labour's Lost, Thursday 3rd May - York Theatre Royal Day Trip Due to cancellation there is ONE spare ticket available for this trip. Ring me on 01484 531232 or 07952003238 if you are interested.

Love's Labour's Lost (Added April 23, 2012)

Love's Labour's Lost, Thursday 3rd May - York Theatre Royal

Day Trip

Due to cancellation there are now 2 tickets available for this trip. Ring me on 01484 531232 or 07952003238, or email if you are interested.

Good Morning (Added April 12, 2012)

Thank you to those members who have written reviews on Member Review Page of this website. It is always interesting to see what people think of the shows/plays etc. Do keep them coming.

There are still spaces on the following trips if you haven't already booked:- Albert Dock, Little Voice, Starlight Express, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Chatsworth House and The Grand Duke.

Tonight (Added March 1, 2012)

Saturday Night Sunday Morning

There are 4 spare tickets for tonight's trip to Manchester Royal Exchange, to see Saturday Night Sunday Morning. Anyone interested please ring me on 07952003238.

Bookings (Added March 1, 2012)

Bookings Update

Starlight Express is now well into two coaches so there are tickets available.
Carousel is now waiting list only, as is Swan Lake.
I've had to cancel The Queen of the North due to insufficient bookings.

Did You Know? (Added February 20, 2012)

Whilst refurbishments take place at Oldham Coliseum, their productions are being staged at a number of different venues.

Their production of The Hound of the Baskervilles is being performed at the Lawrence Batley Theatre from the 12th to the 17th March.

Underneath The Lintel (Added February 20, 2012)

Darren Hill, is an actor based in Huddersfield.

He is producing and performing a one man play here in Huddersfield that will be put on at the Lawrence Batley theatre March 23rd and 24th at 7:45pm each evening. Please see

Tickets are only £9 for adults and £7 for children and concessions.
It is an amazing play about a Librarian who finds a book that has been returned to the Library which is 113 years over due. It sends the Librarian on an amazing journey, full of laughter and some very tender moments.
A lady called Shanti Rose is coming over from America to direct and this is only the second time that this play has been performed in the UK.

Newsletter (Added February 15, 2012)

Newsletter posted out first class today. Website is upto date with the details on the outings page.

Supporting Local Theatre (Added February 14, 2012)

Theatregoers Club, (supporting local theatre) is happy to advertise the following:-


Dark Horse is an exciting national touring theatre company based in Huddersfield and in June they present a world premiere production featuring an ensemble of seven professional actors with learning disabilities who work in the company’s own productions, in film and on TV (most recently the amazing Dark Horse actors made the news when they featured in an episode of SHAMELESS on Channel 4!).

HARVEST is an extraordinary thriller with wonderful costumes and an original composed score.

Exploring themes around superstition and greed it tells the story of a tangled love triangle in a post apocalyptic world.

The production takes place ‘in the round’, bringing the audience up close to the action and the actors.

A must see for anyone interested in exciting and pioneering theatre the writer and director, Vanessa Brooks, is giving free post show talks after each matinee show and this company is attracting a lot of attention as one of the Arts Council select National Portfolio Organisations.

Please book your seats early as their shows always sell out.

‘Ensemble playing at its best. A must see show’. Huddersfield Examiner.

‘One of the best evenings in the theatre I’ve ever had’. George Costigan. Stage and screen actor and Dark Horse patron.

Show dates & Times
Venue: Lawrence Batley Theatre, Queen Street, Huddersfield.
Dates: Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th June 2012
Times: Matinee 1.30pm Evening 7.30pm
Group discounts and concessions for over 60’s apply.
LBT Box Office: 01484 430528

Newsletter (Added February 11, 2012)

The next Newsletter has just gone to print. So you will receive it by the end of next week.

Look out for it in the post!

New Members (Added February 11, 2012)

New Members are always welcome.

Download a membership form now!

Wonderful Town (Added January 27, 2012)

Wonderful Town- Monday 2nd April

I have 10 extra tickets available near front, (row C), of the UPPER CIRCLE for this trip, £35 (Inc transport). If you would like a ticket then please ring me as soon as possible. 01484 531232 or 07952003238

New Year (Added January 9, 2012)

Happy New Year to all members.

Update (Added December 15, 2011)

Booking Update

The Daughter in-law - Full - waiting list only

Taking Steps - Full - waiting list only

Limited places available on all other trips.

Happy Christmas to all members, last trip of this programme this evening, see you in the New Year for the next season.


Bookings (Added November 28, 2011)

Booking Update:- There are still places available on all trips except 'The Daughter-in-law'. Bookings are going well.

Joseph - There will be two coaches for this trip - if you would like to come then please book as soon as possible.

Newsletter (Added November 15, 2011)

The Newsletter for January - May 2012 has been posted out first class today.

The website is upto date with the new programme details.

Newsletter (Added November 7, 2011)

The final touches are being put to the next Newsletter, and so it will be out around the end of next week.

The Nutcracker (Added November 7, 2011)

The Nutcracker
Two tickets available for The Nutcracker on Wednesday 9th November at the Alhambra, (due to last minute cancellation), £37 each. Ring if interested:- 01484 531232, 07952003238

Autumn Programme (Added October 7, 2011)

We are now well into the autumn programme. Last night's show was an amazing spectacular. We had two full coaches, (104 theatregoers), and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

Just a note to let you know there are still places available for the Xmas Lunch on Tuesday 6th December, and for the trip on the 15th December to Manchester Royal Exchange's festive play 'You can't take it with you'. Contact me if you are interested. 01484 531232 or 07952003238

Booking Update (Added September 2, 2011)

Booking Update

Bookings received during late July and August have now been processed.

The website is fully upto date and the trips which are full have been marked as such.

There are still some spaces for Death Trap, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, The Glass Menagerie, The Nutcracker, Xmas Lunch and You Can't take it with you.

Newsletter - Autumn Programme (Added July 6, 2011)

Autumn 2011
The Newsletter has been posted out first class today
Email copies are also being sent out today

Amendment (Added July 6, 2011)

Wonderful Town - advertised in the Newsletter states the date as Saturday the 2nd April 2012. It should be Monday 2nd April 2012.

Probus Club Huddersfield (Added July 13, 2010)


The Probus Club of Huddersfield welcomes you to join our group of Retired Business and Professional men.

What happens at a Probus meeting?

Where and When?
The Club meets on the first and third Tuesday of the Month in the Lawrence Batley Suite at the Y.M.C.A. Sports & Social Club, Laund Hill, Salendine Nook.

We begin with coffee at 10.00am and for half an hour jovially "put the world to rights". There is always a diverse view from engineers, doctors, architects, businessmen, lecturers, accountants and clergymen. Once 10.30am comes our invited speakers hold our attention discussing topics such as arts, policing, planning, terrorism, travelogues, military recollections, history and so much more! We are usually on our way home about 11.45am, unless of course you join a few of us at the bar!

OH- and don't forget our ladies, they are always pleased when we invite them to join us for the "Ladies Lunches", the annual dinner, theatre trips and lovely day trips.

Please come and join us, a telephone call to our secretary Ken on 01484 350489 is all you need to become a member.

Why not visit our website to find out more about The Probus Club of Huddersfield-

Hope to see you at our next meeting.


Probus Member

Colin and six other Theatre Club members belong - so you'll be in good company.

Member Idea (Added May 5, 2010)

If you generally come to Huddersfield Theatregoers Club trips on your own, you'll find a friendly atmosphere and good company. So it is as easy to come on your own as it is with a friend, as you'll soon meet new friends.

This aside, one of our members approached me recently and asked if I could possibly compile a list of members who come on their own. This would have contact details etc. so that people can ring each other to either share lifts or choose the same trips to go on.

So I said I would mention it in the next newsletter which will be coming out at the end of June.
But in the mean time, if you would like to be on this list then please either send me or email me your details.

If you are emailing, I will send the list out by email. However, if you would prefer hard copy then please send your details along with a stamped addressed envelope so that I can send out the list once it has been compiled. After the initial compilation I think it would be updated on an annual basis, but perhaps informally at other times with new additions.

Additional Trips (Added November 19, 2009)

I haven't as yet advertised any additional trips on the website that haven't been in the newsletter. But it may be something I would do in order not to miss out on a good show.

A few of the theatres are later than others in announcing their forthcoming programmes well enough in advance for us. Therefore If I see something that I think would be a good addition to our programme I will advertise it on the website.

As such it is a good idea to check for updates from time to time.

Reviews (Added September 14, 2009)

Come you budding theatre critics, we would like some reviews!

Ann and Colin's Holiday (Added July 6, 2009)

Ann and Colin's Holiday -

'Our 6 day break was at Littlecote House Hotel near Hungerford, Berks.,reputedly the third most haunted house in England! Set in extensive grounds and beautiful gardens, including the site of a splendid Roman mosaic, this historic house was the meeting place of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. During the war it witnessed the planning of the D Day landings.

We had a lovely time thanks to the generosity of you the theatregoers.

Thank you all.'

Ann and Colin

Write a Review Page (Added June 12, 2009)

We have added a new page on the website inviting members to write a review. You will need a user name and password. This will be detailed in the Newsletter. In the meantime if you are desperate to write a review, then email me and I will give them to you.

Membership Open - Join Us! (Added June 4, 2009)

Huddersfield Theatregoers ClubIf you would like to join this club then please either contact us and we will send you a membership form, or download a form from the "Why should I join?" page.

Membership is currently £15 per annum. Join us now to be sure you receive the newsletter for the autumn season. Members book straight away on receiving their newsletter, and we soon fill up. The newsletter will be going out before the end of June.

If you join now, membership renewal will not be until SEPTEMBER 2010.

A note from Ann and Colin (Added May 25, 2009)

Miranda, Colin, Ann and BillWhen Bill Sharman stepped forward at the Spring Lunch, Ann and I thought he was giving us a vote of thanks for arranging the meal. We were overwhelmed when he presented us with the photograph of the beautifully inscribed stone bird-table and the generous cheque. For once Colin was lost for words! Over the last few months we have received many lovely cards and letters wishing us well and thanking us, but we had never expected such a wonderful tribute. Our grateful thanks to everyone, especially to Bill and Miranda Hawkyard for all their work.

We wish you all happy theatregoing in the future.

Here is a picture of the bird table in situ. Bill and Miranda installed it on Sunday, 24th May. Ann and Colin

Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Added May 16, 2009)

Ann, Colin and Christine.  Photo courtesy of Huddersfield Daily ExaminerHope you saw the article about Huddersfield Theatregoers Club in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner on Friday, 15th May

Photograph courtesy of Huddersfield Daily Examiner

Picture of Bird Table (Added May 11, 2009)

Photo of bird table. Once the bird table is in situ at Ann and Colin's, I'll put another photo up.

The inscription reads:- To Ann and Colin with grateful thanks from your Theatregoers Club 2009