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A chance to share your experience of any of Huddersfield Theatregoers Club theatre trips or outings you have been on. To submit a review (members only) please Click Here.

The Merry Widow The Grand , Leeds 2 October 2018
Thoroughly enjoyed the show last night. The staging was quite spectacular, costumes etc. The singing was very good indeed, but I did appreciate the autocue. Altogether an enjoyable evening.
Mrs.D.Howroyd, 3 October 2018

The Little Mermaid The Leeds Grand 7 December 2017
The Ballet was absolutely superb. I really think it is the best ballet I have seen. The costumes, scenery and especially the dancers made you feel you were really under water. Apart from the late arrival at the theatre, due to events not under our control, and the fact we had to climb Everest until the was a lovely evening.
Mrs.D.Howroyd, 8 December 2017

Persuasion MRE 30 November 1999
Theatre Goers Review . Persuasion At Manchester Royal Exchange A performance with a difference which to my mind did not portray Jane Austen's characters to their best advantage . The play had a satirical bias that demeaned the stories true portrayal of women and life in nineteenth Century England. It may however have wakened us to reflect on the attitudes and status of modern woman and the values they hold. Yes women's opportunities are now legion but do they always engender the respect they still wish to be given?
Liz, 14 June 2017

Thoroughly Modern Millie The Leeds Grand 20 April 2017
At the beginning of the show I was convinced I was not going to enjoy it, I thought the sound was too loud and quite harsh. I also thought that if one had not seen the film it would have been a little puzzling as to what it was all about. However, the second half was brilliant, the costumes were quite spectacular, and the scenery very much in keeping with the story. All the actors were very good in their different parts, and fully deserved the ovations at the end of the show.
Mrs.D.Howroyd, 28 April 2017

Shirley Valentine Leeds Grand 4 April 2017
An incredible performance by Jodie Prenger. To hold the stage for nearly two hours entirely by herself was astounding.I enjoyed it apart from the Liverpool accent, I missed quite a lot of the dialogue because of it. Knowing the story helped to decipher what was happening.
Mrs.D.Howroyd, 5 April 2017

Pride and Prejudice The Lowry Salford 13 October 2016
I thoroughly enjoyed this production. Everyone played their parts with enthusiasm. The stage setting was absolutely stunning. With just one turn of the staircase the scene would be changed into something fitting the action. Well done.
Mrs.D Howroyd, 19 October 2016

A Murder Mystery The Grand Theatre Leeds 30 November 1999
It was good to see a straight play for a change. It was well acted, and kept me guessing right until the last. The scene changes were clever, and created just the right atmosphere. The play ended 30 minutes before the time given to Christine, so we had to wait for the coach to come, but it was quite a balmy night, so we people watched which was interesting.
Mrs.D.Howroyd, 7 July 2016

Cosi Fan Tutte The Lowry. Salford 16 March 2016, 19 March 2016

Cosi Fan Tutte The Lowry. Salford 16 March 2016
I enjoyed this production, but I wish I had taken the trouble to read the story of the opera, as at times it was difficult to follow the plot. However the singing was glorious, and full marks to all the singers. The men were , much easier to understand so I was able to make some sense of the story. The settings were very good as were the costumes. I am glad it was not in modern dress!!
Mrs.D Howroyd, 19 March 2016

Wuthering Heights Bradford Alhambra 30 November 1999
First , may I say that , from the year dot, I have been a Bronte nut. I have literally grown up with this novel and it will always be special to me , having adapted parts of it for my set piece in GCSE Drama. Therefore I am very picky when the Heights is adapted. I should not have worried at all. The tone of the piece exactly matched the mood and tone of Bronte's work and the characterisation was sensitive and always with an eye to the text. Northern Ballet did a stunning job of transporting us to 18C Yorkshire. The highlights for me were Isabella's seduction , beautifully handled and sensitively portrayed and Catherine and Heathcliff's reunion at the Wedding brought a tear to my eye - The performance even made me rethink my interpretation of the novel on a few points - seeing Mrs (Ellen) Dean as a comic character was a revelation - Bravo - The only point I would make against the production is that there is more to Hindley Earnshaw than the violent temper and the drink - but I do understand that they cannot portray everything from this beloved novel - What a Marvellous introduction to the group and to Ballet for me - I will see Wuthering Heights with fresh eyes now - Bravo - a lovely evening!
Mark Gibbs , 20 December 2015

Into The Woods Manchester Royal Exchange 30 November 1999
This has got to be one of my all time favourite musicals. I have taken part in it before myself as the Narrator in a production while I was at university and it has a very special place in my heart - though , until this performance , I had never seen a professional , live production of it! The set was extremely understated , considering how complex the plot and psychological implications for the characters really are. Leaving much of the setting to the imagination (and Maxine Peake's wonderful - though unseen Giantess was a great touch as it left the audience to do the work for the actors so that they could concentrate on characterisation, was a masterstroke - the Narrator was a joy to see - and I have never seen a better version of him than that! The Witch's 'Last Midnight effect were great to see - just enough of a nod to her Gothic nature , without being too overt - and that is one of the most Beautiful renditions of 'No - One is Alone'/ Children Will Listen I Have ever heard! - Bravo - the only thing I would say against this production is that I did not like the use of modern dress - this is fantasy/fairy tale and , for me , the costumes seemed too everyday to convey the fantasy element - though I do accept that , on counterpoint, this emphasises the universal appeal of the fairy Tales of Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm - but that is down to personal taste after all! - a wonderful , never to be forgotten evening with my dear Sondheim! - Bliss!
Mark Gibbs , 20 December 2015

Girls The Leeds Grand. 15 November 2030
What a wonderful show. I am at a loss as to what I can say about it. The scenery was incredible, whoever designed it had a very good imagination. The cast members were amazing, each and everyone. It was good to see a completely new musical and I wish them all the very best for a long run. I have only one small criticism and that is I sometimes think the orchestra drowns out some of the lyrics,even though the principals could give their all.
Mrs.D.Howroyd, 2 December 2015

The Shawshank Redemption The Leeds Grand 2 September 2015
Having seen the film,I was curious to see how it was possible to put this on stage, and I must say I was surprised how successful it was. Knowing the story helped I must say, but they stuck absolutely to the story, and portrayed the prison scenes very well. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening. The acting was very good, but some of the dialogue was missed because I felt it was too Americanised. I can understand if some people would be puzzled by the story, but all I can say is "go see the film"
Mrs.D.Howroyd, 3 September 2015

Wicked Lowry. Lyric theatre 21 July 2015
What a spectacular show. Everything about it was quite magical. The scene changes were very clever. The costumes were something else!! The cast worked very hard.and appeared to enjoy themselves. I must admit I lost the plot once or twice, but I thoroughly enjoyed the evening very much.
Mrs.D.Howroyd, 22 July 2015

The Ghost Train Royal Exchange Manchester 14 May 2015
What a farcical, peculiar play, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. At the start I thought the opening scene was really not necessary, I could not see the point of it. However, it progressed, and eventually all became clear. I am not a big fan of theatre in the round, but we had super seats,(thank you Christine) but apart from the Station Master,was able to hear everything. The acting was very good indeed, and it appeared they enjoyed themselves, and the finale was quite spectacular.
Mrs D Howroyd, 17 May 2015

Oklahoma Lyric Theatre The Lowry 17 March 2015
What a lovely evenings entertainment. It was going down memory lane, and everything about this production was excellent. I enjoyed every minute, even though I was comparing the lead singer Curly with Gordon Macrae who was in the film version. However all the singers were good and the dancers were extremely versatile., 19 March 2015

|The Marriage of Figaro The LeedsGrand 11 February 2015
I thoroughly enjoyed this production. The singers were all excellent, but especially the singer who took the part of the Countess. Her voice was absolutely glorious. The scene changes were very clever and atmospheric!. The only criticism I had was I thought the orchestra was too loud at times, drowning out the dialogue of the singers. The music is great though, as I think all Mozart's music is.
Mrs.D.Howroyd, 13 February 2015

Treasurers House and Xmas lunch York 16 December 2014
We had a very good day yesterday. The weather was kind, bright and sunny, even though it was quite chilly. The tour of the Treasurer's house was extremely interesting, made more so by our guide who was very enthusiastic, and loved telling us about the ghostly goings on in the house. After the tour we had mulled wine, which was greatly we were quite cold by that time. However the lunch completely made up for this. it was excellent. Christine had worked very hard indeed beforehand, as we all had place names on the table, which made things easier. We had Xmas crackers,and a lovely time was had by all. Well done Christine.I thoroughly enjoyed my day, as I am sure everyone else did.
Mrs.D.Howroyd, 17 December 2014

Jeeves and Wooster Lowry 5 November 2014
At the beginning I thought I am not going to enjoy this - I kept having the images of Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry in my mind,but then as the play progressed I began to see how clever the whole production was. The scenery changes very cleverly done, the fact there were only three actors performing the whole thing, was quite extraordinary. In the end I thoroughly enjoyed it.The only criticism I had was I thought the "the plum in the mouth" was a little too overdone, which made it difficult to hear what was said on some occasions.
Mrs.D.Howroyd, 6 November 2014

Around the world in eighty days The Royal Exchange, Manchester 17 July 2014
I did not attend the show last evening, but my friends tell me I missed a terrific show. I really feel quite sad I missed it, as I do not like theatre in the round, but in view of what my friends said about this show I should perhaps think again. They said it was a joy from beginning to end, and they would not have missed it for the world. Serves me right!!
Mrs D.Howroyd, 18 July 2014

An August Bank Holkiay Lark The Coliseum, Oldham 10 June 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed this production. Northern Broadside excelled themselves. The clog dancing was quite spectacular, and was obviously well rehearsed. It was quite moving in parts, and would bring back to some people sad memories. Well Done
Mrs.D Howroyd, 13 June 2014

The Gondoliers The Quays. Salford 22 May 2014
I was disappointed with this production. The female singers were not the best of sopranos, and I felt they were not really enjoying themselves. The costumes were good, and the scenery equally in keeping with the story, but I must say I have seen better productions by amateur societies.
Mrs.D.Howroyd, 25 May 2014

La Boheme Leeds Grand 8 May 2014
What a wonderful evening. The singing was glorious, everyone equally as good. I wasn't enamoured with the scenery or costumes at first, but they soon became background to the superb singing. I wished it could have lasted another hour.
Mrs.D.Howroyd, 11 May 2014

This may hurt a bit Octagon, Bolton 25 March 2014
More of a protest demonstration than a play, this performance was nonetheless a remarkable show of versatility on the part of the cast. Each actor had several (usually very different) roles, sometimes in quick succession. One young woman was required to play a scatterbrained clerk, a consultant physician and an old lady with dementia. Despite the underlying seriousness of the piece, there was a good deal of humour and I really enjoyed it. I did find the succession of short scenes rather disjointed, and there was not much of an actual plot. In fact, on the journey to Bolton there was a long delay on the motorway and I kept thinking "We're going to miss half the show". Well, this is one play where you could go in half way through and have no difficulty in following the plot!
Moira Marshall, 26 March 2014

Warhorse The Lyric theatre. Lowrie Centre. Salford. 21 November 2013
What an incredible show! It was funny, sad, and the war scenes portrayed very cleverly. The horses seemed almost real and the people working them extremely talented. Altogether a unique show, and I am glad I did not miss it.
Mrs.D,.Howroyd., 24 November 2013

Educating Rita The Quays. Salford 3 October 2013
This show was absolutely brilliant. How on earth the two actors remembered all the lines is quite remarkable. I remember the film, but the actors on the film would be able to do a scene at a time, but on Tbursday it was dialogue from start to finish, and not once was there a hitch. I must say, I did keep thinking of Alastair in "As time goes by" but both actors were excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening.
Mrs.D,.Howroyd., 7 October 2013

Iolanthe Royal Hall, Harrogate 24 August 2013
It's 30 years since I was last in the Royal Hall, during which it has undergone a full-scale refurbishment and now gleams in gold and colour. This production of Iolanthe was also full of colour and good singing. I thought one of the best voices belonged to the secondary mezzo singing the part of Leila (can't tell you her name, as I was too mean to buy a programme!), but I would like to have heard her in the title role. I thought the updating of the words in "Oh Foolish Fay" was a mistake, as the words were not very distinct and I think the reference to Tom Daley's dives was lost on most of the audience, as nobody laughed. A very touching moment came when the Lord Chancellor recognised Iolanthe, and suddenly, having played his comic role for all it was worth, he changed and displayed serious emotion. I have seen Iolanthe more times than I can remember, but have never seen this moment played so poignantly - not even by D'oyly Carte.
Moira Marshall, 29 August 2013

High Society Sheffield 13 June 2013
My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed this production. I thought the scenery, choreography etc., was excellent. I still kept comparing it with the film, but the singing was good and all the cast were enthusiastic in their parts. I hope it runs for a long time.
Mrs.D.Howroyd, 21 June 2013

Sherlock Holmes, The Best Kept Secret West Yorkshire Playhouse 21 May 2013
Sherlock Holmes, The Best Kept Secret, is touring prior to the West End run and I think it'll be a huge hit. The West Yorkshire Playhouse was full last night and the audience were entertained with the fast paced, punchy, and very well acted show. The set was amazing, with slick scene changes; as one revolving set swirled off another swirled on and action commenced. The guillotine and hangman's noose 'tricks' were superb. The audience gasped as Dr Watson's head landed in the basket!! And everyone groaned at the 'gory bits' during the autopsy. Highly recommended.
Christine Baldwin, 22 May 2013

The Ladykillers The Grand Theatre Leeds 2 April 2013
What a delight. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. It was slick, and the stage settings absolutely fabulous. Very clever indeed. It was also good to see familier faces in the cast.
Mrs.D,.Howroyd., 4 April 2013

Joking Apart Nottingham Playhouse 14 February 2013
A classic Aychbourn play with his usual humourous interplay between neighbouring couples. At the end my first reaction, however, was that the ending was a bit weak - nothing really happened. From the talk on the coach I gathered other people had envisaged the possible endings which I had done. Then it occurred to me that perhaps Ayckbourn was being even more true to life than usual - life just goes on with no particularly dramatic conclusion. A play I would definitely see again.
Moira Marshall, 16 February 2013

Of Mice and Men Octagon Bolton 29 January 2013
The evening was one of great emotional challenge. Steinbeck's drama held its audience gripped from start to finish. The actors entered their dramatic personna completely and carried us though an evening of harsh reality courage and moments of humour and softness. Returning to Huddersfield and having time to reflect en route one realizes that the hopes and fears attitudes and personalities of todays world have changed very little despite our sophisticated living standards. Thanks Christine for your Theatre selections.
Liz Higgins, 30 January 2013

The importance of being Ernest oldham 30 October 2012
We were all agog to discover how the actress playing Lady Bracknell would deliver her famous lines! Well our Lady B did it well enough and withour reference to Edith Evans. Lady B in this performance was a star - she proved to be the epitomy of the witty. haughty, domineering victorian matriach. Sadly it cannot be said that any of the other actors came anywhere near to Lady B. Jack a writhing character with a squeeky immature voice did not convey the tones of upper class victorian life ( and his suit did not fit!!!) The others failed to do justice to the script! \\\do actors still have elocution lessons i wonder? This production will visit 53 venues around the country. Not the best performance we HTT's have witnessed
Frank Halmshaw, 31 October 2012

Cabaret Lowry, Salford 24 September 2012
I was most impressed by Cabaret. I had seen the film, but frankly had forgotten much of it, and at the start of the show I did wonder whether it was going to be a bit too frothy and trivial, but I needn't have worried. The powerful sentiments and singing, especially in the second half were both exhilarating and thought-provoking. I much admired Sian Phillips - I had no idea she could sing!
Moira Marshall, 27 September 2012

Surprises Stepen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough 22 September 2012
Many of Alan Ayckbourn's plays are characterised by what might be called "overlaps in time and place". In "Surpises" this is taken to extremes with characters time-travelling between two unspecified periods in the future. The acting was, as always at the Stephen Joseph, superb, and Ayckbourn's humour ever-present, but you had to concentrate to work out which period each scene took place in. Because the play was set in the future, props and costumes were no help in indicating the date, so the characters had to keep stating their ages in order that the audience could know the era of any scene. In fact I found the last act, which apparently involved simultaeously two dates 50 years apart, almost incomprehensible. Perhaps I should not have tried so hard, but done as recommended by the lady who sat next to me on the bus. She said "Oh I don't try to follow the plot, I just enjoy Ayckbourne's humour and timing."
Moira Marshall, 23 September 2012

The Grand Duke Buxton 18 August 2012
As a fan of G & S since the age of 4 I was really delighted to be able to see this rarely performed opera. It had several unusual features, i.e. unlike other Savoy Operas, the principal male was a baritone, not a tenor, and the principal soprano was not the usual innocent ingenue. I could see why it ran for only 123 performances when first produced - perhaps a little too contorted a plot even by Gilbertian standards, but I nonethless enjoyed the performance and thought it very well sung and acted. The whole day out was enjoyable and blessed with warm weather - however just a thought: is it really necessary to set off so early to Buxton? On a nice day, and if you are new to the town, four and a half hours before the performance is not overlong. But in poor weather, and when you've already seen many times all Buxton has to offer, I think the time might drag a bit. It's not like York or scarborough where there's a lot to do.
Moira Marshall, 19 August 2012

Rise and fall of little voice bolton octogon 12 June 2012
Our coach took us to the Bolton Octogon for a performance of Little Voice. After having seen the play we felt sorry for those members who had not filled a second transport of delight! The production was a multi-talented star show. A show which revealed just how talented our young thespians are - tonight we had superb singing and very convincing acting.THe wonderful Katie Elin Salt not only convinced us that she was a shy reticent much put upon young girl with talent - she really did have talent! A tour de force - but so was the rest of the cast, particularly her Mother ( how she did not break her neck running up and down the stairs i have no idea)Everyone said this production was better than the film it truly was. Thankyou to Christine for having settled upon this production. A night to remeber.
frank halmshaw, 17 June 2012

Carousel The Lowry 24 May 2012
What a trip down memory lane. Carousel in my mind was one of the best musicals which came out soon after the war. The stage show and the film with Gordon Macrae were magical. The show we saw last Thursday was well produced and choreographed, and the singing was extremely good, especially Billy Bigelow. What a wonderful voice he has. We also had very good seats - Thank you Christine.
Mrs.D.Howroyd, 30 May 2012

The Winslow Boy The Octagon , Bolton 18 April 2012
A very good production of this very well known play. All the actors gave of their best, but I do wish they had body microphones. When they have their backs to where we sit, one cannot always hear everything they say. Sometimes it is as well we know the plot and can understand what is going on. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening,apart from the weather.
Mrs.D,.Howroyd., 23 April 2012

Wonderful Town Lyric Theatre. Lowry. 2 April 2012
I was really looking forward to seeing this show, but I was somewhat disappointed after seeing it. I could not fault the presentation, the custume, the scenery, and especially the singing, which was excellent. The dancers were very good, energetic and enthusiastic, but something was lacking. Perhaps it was because there really were no catchy tunes, none I recognised anyway, and also maybe because Connie Fisher's voice was not as we previously knew it to be because of her operation. She did splendidly with her part, but the Brooklyn accent was not easy to listen to. Anyway, the theatre trips are always enjoyable, regardless of the content of the productions.
Mrs.D,.Howroyd., 4 April 2012

Halle Bridgewater Hall 22 February 2012
Apart from the weather, this was a very good evening. The orchestra was at it's best, and the selection of the programme could not have been better. The violin soloist was superb. Altogether very enjoyable.
Mrs.D,.Howroyd., 28 February 2012

Nutcracker Northern Ballet Alhambra Theatre. Bradford. 9 November 2011
What a beautiful production of the Nutcracker. The costumes were brilliant. Really not much more I can add, other than I thoroughly enjoyed my evening.
Mrs.D,Howroyd, 14 November 2011

40 years on Theatre Royal. York 15 October 2011
Was really looking forward to this play,as I am a fan of Alan Bennett, especially his Talking Heads series. However, I confess I was completely at a loss with this one. I did not enjoy it one bit. The actors did their very best, but I was glad when the whole thing ended. The visit to York was great, the weather very kind, and apart from the play, I enjoyed my day.
Mrs.D.Howroyd, 17 October 2011

Top Hat The Lowry 6 October 2011
I had no expectations when I booked Top Hat. I had never heard of Tom Chambers or Summer Strallen. I thought it would be a just a pleasant night out

How wrong I was.

From the first note of the overture I was smiling, feet tapping. By the interval i was ecstatic. When the lights went up everyone had beaming smiles and were almost dancing for their ice-creams.
The costumes were fabulous and the scenery stunning. The quality of the dancing was excellent. I thought that Tom and Summer had great chemistry between them.
The second half was even better, and when the sixteen male tap-dancers did their routine the audience really showed their appreciation.
The constant comedy from the butler and the Italian designer brought the house down.
I left the theatre with a radiant smile . Today I'm still smiling.

A great musical . A great night out.

Thanks Christine
Best wishes
Cynthia Pratt, 9 October 2011

Top Hat The Lowry 6 October 2011
The HTC took us tonight to The Lowry to see a performance of "Top Hat". A new production if Irving Berlin`s 1930`s masterpiece, originally made for the cinema in 1935, starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. All of us would be familiar with the music, at least half a dozen singable song, and the dance routines would conjour up visions of immaculate and impeccable song and dance of a bygone age.( not everybody in tonights audience was totally au fait with what it was all about as someone was heard to observe a freddie star show !! Not an HTC member I must point out). Tonight's performance was all it lived up to be in our anticipations and imaginations. I think the principal male Tom Chambers , was as good as- well almost as Fred Astaire, his dancing and singing were perfection I suppose a man who had won The Strictly show would have to be good. His partner Summer Strallen was a shimmeying act with looks and a song and dance routine that was as wonderful as you could wish. There were a a lot of top hats about matched by beautifully costumed girls. The complex dancing ensembles were carried out with great skill and panache. All the supporting performers could sing and dance, the orchestra excellent with many an entertaining quirky touch, all to the manor born. A wonderful evening of nostalgic entertainment. Surely we should all wish to savour the experience again. Well you can it is on at the Leeds Grand in December.
Frank Halmshaw, 7 October 2011

Who' s afraid of Virginia Woolf Bolton Octagon 29 September 2011
So, Christine took us to the splendid town, currently aspiring to become a city, of Bolton, with its collection of imposing civic buildings which we admired as our coach took us through the streets to The Octogon Theatre for a performance of the American Edward Albee`s production of "Who`s afraid of Virginia Woolf ". a play which had acquired instant fame and acclaim in 1962 when made into and oscar winning film starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. We were not into such astronomical realms tonight and for the first 3/4 of the play ( and the production was a lengthy one of 3 and 1/2hour - 2 intervals) It seemed to me that it was all rather tedious and long drawn out. Short on plot but long on ascerbic dialogue as a reveiw in the programme suggested. But then 4 increasingly inebriated characters would be obliged so to be!!! Technically the script and projection of it was brilliant but drunken people ARE repetative hysterically happy or maudlinly sad, plainly viscous, angry, irritaional, illogical and tedious. So it was for the first two acts. But we were overwhelmed by the denoument when we experienced some great dramatic art especially from the ageing character- Martha ( played by the not so very young Margot Leicester) There were tears in her eyes ( when she took her bow for several minutes she could not truly smile at us) A tour -de- fource and she commanded somedthing of a standing ovation or at least a cheer or two from our sparse audience. A splended evenings entertainment. Well done Christine! Again !
Frank Halmshaw, 3 October 2011

Who' s afraid of Virginia Woolf Bolton Octagon 29 September 2011
Before going to the play I had been told by 2 friends that it was full of raucous arguing. Even the favourable review in the Guardian began "There are pleasanter and calmer plays than "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf", and I began to wonder what I was letting myself in for. However I found it really compelling, if somewhat overlong. All 4 actors were excellent, particularly George Irving in the part of George, whose dry, pithy reactions to Martha's rants brought humour to an otherwise tense situation. I also enjoyed sitting on the front row, so close to the action.
Moira Marshall, 1 October 2011

Neighbourhood Watch Stephen Joseph Theatre Scarborough 24 September 2011
HTC travelled the 80 miles from Huddersield to Scarborough to the Stephen Joseph theatre to see a production of" Neighbouhood Watch". Certainly a journey very worthwhile. Alan Ayckbourne,s new play was his 75th!! - it brought us the charm and wit combined with serious insight that are the hallmarks of Ayckbourne's plays. This was direcected as well has been written by him. No sign of ageing at 72. The theatre was full. The downside of SJT seems to be the alarmingly long time it takes to get from an auditorium seat to the outside world - 10 minutes. A fire risk surely! The story is of a group of neighbours who decided to set up a self protective scheme to preserve themselves from modern pestilences of larceny and vandalism. Ample scope for a variety of characters to be revealed from an egotistical organiser of the group to a young nubile wife of the opposition - and an entertaining welshman. The dialogue is pacey and witty. And then there were those garden gnomes at the end of the play, there was a large golden one which seemed to sum up what the play was about! As they say a "must see" on any theatregoers wish list. Keep up the good work Christine!!!
Frank Halmshaw, 29 September 2011

Pirates of Penzance Buxton Opera House 30 July 2011
I think it's difficult to know just how to present G&S today. It contains a lot of Victorian sentimentality, which cannot be played "straight" without sounding ridiculous. Yet totally revamped comic versions are an anathema to those such as myself, brought up by G&S-addict parents, and who saw my first Pirates at the age of four. The Buxton performance struck the happy medium - played for laughs when appropriate but still fundamentally a traditional performance. The male principals were excellent. Having been too penny-pinching to buy a programme, I cannot give their names, but the Pirate King and Frederic were particularly strong, as was the male chorus. I didn't think the women were of quite the same calibre, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, as I did the two previous G&S works we have seen in Buxton. Put me down for next year!
Moira Marshall, 1 August 2011

harrogate theatre harogate 7 May 2011
Had a lovely day in Harrogate, Weather kind during the morning when we visited the Valley gardens, which were lovely, We had an excellent lunch at the Drum and Monkey, when we then proceeded to M&S to get out of the rain which had started. We thoroughly enjoyed Cranford, and by the time we left the rain had ceased. Altogether a good day out.
Mrs.D,.Howroyd., 11 May 2011

To kill a mockingbird York Theatre Royal 24 February 2011
The first part of this play was for me a little confusing, but pleasant and interesting enough. The final part was however exciting, but also impinging on the question "what is truth?" I was struck by how the play dealt with relative truth and how a kind of justice could be served where the legal procedure had failed.
John Gleave, 25 February 2011

Yes, Prime Minister Leeds Grand 16 February 2011
Thoroughly enjoyed the play. Took me back to the television series of the same name. It was extremely well done and I am sure everyone thought the same
Mrs.D.Howroyd, 24 February 2011

Yes Prime Minister Leeds Grand 16 February 2011
Before going to the performance I did wonder if Yes P.M. would have the same appeal without Paul Eddington and (especially) Nigel Hawthorne from the TV series. Maybe I'm looking back through rose-coloured spectacles, but the show in Leeds did not have the same impact on me as the TV series, although it did improve in the second half, once the plot had been well established. The actor playing the PM took a good part, but I felt "Sir Humphrey" was trying too hard and was not convincing in the role. On balance I enjoyed the performance, especially the topical jokes, but I think the TV format of half-hour "one-offs" suit the scenario better. As always, the organisation of the trip was first-class - even with 3 coaches!
Moira Marshall, 18 February 2011

Private Lives Oldham Coliseum 8 February 2011
It wasn't until I 'Googled' the play 'Private Lives' that I discovered that Noel Coward, Gertude Lawrence and Laurence Olivier were in the f,irst performance in 1930. What I hadn't realised was that I was watching a very risque play -in Act 2 we see two divorcees canoodling on a sofa in their nightwear in the sitting room. Apparently, Coward had to explain this scene to the Lord Chamberlain! I think most people enjoyed this performance as they all came back to the coach with smiles on their faces. The play had pace and verve and all the actors played their parts convincingly. Several clever inventive touches gave a freshness to this production -e.g. adjusting the wine levels in the glasses when Elyot had tasted the wine. Although I have seen this play several times, Coward never disappoints.
Ann Baldwin, 10 February 2011

Private Lives Oldham 8 February 2011
What a great evening. I thought it would be good but it was brilliant. The acting was superb. Just a shame we didn't have time to join the cast in the bar afterwards for cocktails!
Karen Margis, 10 February 2011

Romeo and Juliet Bolton Octogon 3 February 2011
A single coach took members of the HTG club over the rain and windswept moors of the Pennines to Bolton. We were relieved to be travelling in an east-west direction, noting the 13 mile tailback of vehicles attempting to move from west to east. The performance was Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. We were there for the first night of this production, I did not feel that it was inspiring. Set in Contemporary society, it did not seem that the romantic and tragic tale could have much reference to modern times and behaviour, apart form the street fight scened. There is always a problem with transposing Shakespeare plays into the modern era and with modern dress; the atavistic and mellow language which is the essence of a Shakespearian play. seems to be artificial and incongrous if set in modern times, or rather the opposite, the costumes and behaviour of todays characters are incongrous whilst mouthing the Bards lines. Apart from that debatable view, I thind that most of us agreed that the declamtory nature of the presentation was altogether too much. The characters were either shouting at each other or at us, the audience ot so it seemed.! Some of the actors spoke rapildly using accents(Cockney or THames Valley!) which to the northern ear were largely inintelligible. The poetry and literary wonders of Shakspeare were lost! Tonights Juliet did mot present an image of a love lorn romantic teenager, not for me at least. Perhaps the failure of this production in the Romantic sense was epitomised by the so called balcony, every time Juliet climbed up or down our seats vibrated! The cast knew their lines, as far as one could tell and certainly we, the audience did not, could not sleep through the play! a first for me!!!!!
Frank Halmshaw, 6 February 2011

cinderella The Lowry 19 January 2011
Two coaches took most of the female members of the HTC over the hills to The Lowry in Salford. Salford Keys was as ever magical with its mystical? Modern buildings with there fascinating shapes and sizes brightly lit with displays of sparkling lights reflected in the waters of canals of the ancient docks out of which this wonderful world has been built. And so we walked into another transformation - which took place in the Lyric theatre in the Lowry complex where we experienced the magic of Prokofiev 'Cinderella' performed by the Birmingham Royal Ballet.A wonderful production (David Bintley one of Holfirths local heroes} it was. The music inspiring, as it should both dancers and audience.The comples choreography matching with intelligence the creative inspirations of dancers and musicians.Not music perhaps that you would lidten to at home , but a perfect match for all, the lyric tenderness of the lovers. Wonderful evevning. 5 *****
Frank Halmshaw, 21 January 2011

Me and My Girl. The Crucible. Sheffield 15 January 2011
An excellent show. We had very good seats, and as the cast were wired, we could hear every work. The whole day was good and we enjoyed every minute.
Mrs.D,.Howroyd., 20 January 2011

The Ballet. Cinderella. The Lyric theatre. Lowrie Centre. Salford. 19 January 2011
A wonderful evening. The Ballet was superb. Costume etc., were out of this world.
Mrs.D,Howroyd, 20 January 2011

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